Ballroom Dance Class Notes Ithaca

Monday, December 13, 2004

Ballroom Dance Class Notes Ithaca - Introduction

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Ballroom Dance Class / Classes ( Student Ithaca Notes ):

The first set of classes you take are the 4 lessons for $ 10.00 - Orientation Dance Special. These set of classes are to educate the client about dance, dance classes, and dance instruction; this is at the heart of the empowerment zone. The only real good consumer of dance instructional services is one who is empowered first, and foremost.

Then, the client will be better able to focus on their interest on dance. As a result, we, the dance teacher professional will be able to faciliate more effectively what that interest is.

Moroever, this makes Tri falcon and Dove Dance Academy objectives to more client service centered.

The next posts-there will be four- will break down the four dance classes, steps, and additional notes. The reason for this BlodSite is to develop a mean by which the client may be able to obstain print outs of what occurs in ballroom dance class.

Mr. Roger M. Christian
Dance Director.


Ballroom Dance Classes Ithaca